What Is Smart Wi-Fi?

The demand for Wi-Fi is exploding within businesses of all sizes, yet most Wi-Fi solutions are unreliable, insecure perform poorly or come with a hefty price tag. Finally, there is Wi-Fi solution that is fast, reliable, secure and affordable. We call it Smart Wi-Fi from Ruckus®.

With its singular focus on Wi-Fi technology and innovation, Ruckus® has long been known as a world-class carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution provider with more than 60 patents and an additional 80 pending. The introduction of its Smart Wi-Fi line of products is now seriously shaking up the corporate world with Wi-Fi technology that lets small and large businesses take wireless use and coverage to a new level.

Ruckus ZoneDirector

How Does Smart Wi-Fi Work?

At the heart of the Smart Wi-Fi solution is the Ruckus® ZoneDirector – a management appliance used to centrally configure, manage and monitor every aspect of the Smart Wi-Fi network via an intuitive browser-based interface. Designed specifically to bridge the gap between stand-alone Wi-Fi access points (APs) that must be individually managed, and high-end solutions that are complex and expensive, the Ruckus® ZoneDirector line of products is an affordable solution that effortlessly scales to support up to 1000 access points (APs), can be quickly and easily deployed and is packed with impressive features and functionality.

Equally impressive is the extensive line of Ruckus® ZoneFlex access points for indoor and outdoor use. Rapid deployment, excellent coverage with fewer devices, and support for up to five (5) separate Wi-Fi networks (e.g. staff, guests, etc.) across all of its APs are only a few benefits Ruckus® offers.

Key Benefits

Smart Security | All Wi-Fi communication is encrypted. Rogue Access Points (APs) are automatically detected and locked out.

Smart Coverage | The patented Ruckus® BeamFlex antenna array technology provides extended range and adaptive signal steering for the most reliable Wi-Fi experience. Greater Wi-Fi coverage delivered by Ruckus® APs means fewer APs are needed; fewer APs means a lower cost of deployment.

Smart Access Points (APs) | Ruckus® Access Points (APs) can support five (5) or more separate Wi-Fi networks simultaneously (e.g. staff, students, guests, et.) for better control and management.
APs continue to work even if the ZoneFlex controller fails.

Smart Mesh | The patented Smart Mesh technology enables Ruckus® APs to be installed in areas with no Ethernet cabling for greater reach and flexibility.

Smart Deployment | The intuitive ZoneDirector software enables a Ruckus® Smart W-Fi network to be rapidly configured and deployed throughout small and large businesses.

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