How It Works

Our Datto® backup & disaster recovery (BDR) solution dramatically simplifies the traditional backup and recovery process, and eliminates the need for tapes and the management overhead they require.  Snapshots are taken of each server (and workstations) throughout the day and automatically converted into virtual machines (VMDK files).  In the event of a server failure or site-wide disaster, one or more servers can be booted on the local backup device (optional) or on our CloudBDR® platform and accessed via a secure Internet link.  VMDK files can also be exported as VMs to new server hardware once it becomes available.  This dramatically reduces an organizations recovery time over traditional tape solutions.

Datttos Hybrid Cloud Structure

Key Benefits

On-Site Backup | Backup servers and workstations to a local device for on-site protection

Off-Site Backup | Backups are streamed to our CloudBDR platform for off-site protection

Advance File Level Restore | Restore individual files and folders from any snapshot

Message-Level Exchange Recovery | Restore individual messages and folders

Granular SharePoint Recovery | Restore individual SharePoint items

Bare Metal Restore | Restore any snapshot image directly to a brand new server

VMDK/VHD Export | Export snapshots in VMDK/VHD format to run on a virtual server

Off-Site Virtualization1 | Remotely boot and access servers on our CloudBDR platform

On-Site Virtualization2 | Boot and access servers on the local backup device

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